Virginia Heart Center<br/>
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Virginia Heart Center

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Noble Pig Winery<br/>
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Noble Pig Winery

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Ben And Jeffs' Restaurant<br/>
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Ben And Jeffs' Restaurant

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The Landing SLC<br/>
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The Landing SLC

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Moment Surf Company<br/>
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Moment Surf Company

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Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic<br/>
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Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic

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Book Africa<br/>
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Book Africa

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The New House Custom<br/>
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The New House Custom

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Yamhill Valley Vineyards<br/>
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Yamhill Valley Vineyards

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Packages & Pricing


Below, you will find pricing for:

  • SSL Certificates
  • Traffic, Disk and Network
  • SEO Services
  • Packages
  • Monthly fees
  • Payment Plans
  • Options

Call 1-800-810-3952, or (503) 468-4890 for more information.
We're just a phone call away~

Average website production time is 4 to 6 weeks.
Websites with shorter production cycles are called 'rush' and certain fees may apply

Web Design & Development prices may vary according to scope of work.

Pre-determined packages have been created to assist you with your planning process. Use the following to help you get started today!

Make sure to checkout our portfolio >>

We can custom design a website for you, or re-use an existing template with minor modifications. A website must represent your identity. We will ensure your identify is reflected in whichever option you choose.


SSL Certificates

We resell SSL certificates at the following prices. We recommend locking prices for 5 years and a minimum of 2 years. 

Duration Price / Year Total
1 Year $55.00 $55
2 Years $49.50 $99 (10% discount)
3 Years $44.00 $132 (20% discount)

Data Plans And Support Plans

Data Plans

Support Plans

FAQ for details


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Fees

SEO relates to how well your website ranks on search engines for specific keywords searches. Proper SEO involves several strategies. Implementing only one strategy may lead to deceptive results.

We've learned that a mimum of strategies need to be put into place to deliver results. We've also learned that there is no such thing as one time SEO fixes. SEO is a long term approach.

Here are our SEO plans and their advantages. You do not need to be an LVSYS client to order SEO services from us. We can perform SEO for anyone. However, companies that use our LVSYS technology to handle their website benefit the most from our SEO services, as our system has built-in SEO mechanisms, with a proven track record.

SEO Package Price Description
Hourly SEO $125 / hour Hire our company on a one-time hourly basis to perform a full SEO audit of your website. We will produce a detailed report of our findings and a plan of action. The report will include: relevant keywords, rankings, Meta Data audit, HTML structure audit.

Or hire our company to handle SEO work for your website. This will involve an audit, a recommendation and the implementation of our recommendations.
Buy or Inquire Now >
Project-Based SEO $500 - $7000+ / project Hire our company as part of a fixed project to perform the same as the above, and to start implementing SEO strategies to improve your rankings right away.
Buy or Inquire Now >

Most Popular Web Design Packages

Here are all of our packages. Packages are a starting point for your website. Every website is different - the following will help break down some costs for you.

Web Design Package Price Description
Small $2,500 - $10,000 We re-use your existing design, or provide unique custom web design, clone existing templates, and/or produce little artwork. Typically contains: home, article pages, category pages, search results, form, ecommerce pages, event calendar pages. Prices varies according to module selection. Perfect package for small scale websites with few features. Basic eCommerce, news systems, calendars and business directories available.
Buy or Inquire Now >
Business $10,000 - $30,000 Custom Web Design, includes design research, branding research, SEO analysis, and we will produce as many templates as are necessary to execute the project. Focus is put on integration, navigation, brand & design and SEO. Perfect for websites with specific needs, tight deadlines and marketing goals. These sites involve a team of experts: marketeers, researchers, content writers and programmers.
Buy or Inquire Now >
Enterprise $30,000+ Complex websites requiring advanced skills, integration to third party system and high-end branding and marketing. This package provides hands on Marketing, SEO Research, Target Audience and User Persona research, Branding and UX (User Experience) Research, and Content Writers. Integration with on-site or off-site systems (Ticketing, eCommerce, Booking Platform). Requires artwork production and typically involves custom programming and/or complex template production. Perfect for enterprise customers with larger budgets who are looking for a complete marketing and web design team. These sites involve a more complete team of experts: marketeers, brand researchers, content writers, website programmers and production experts.
Buy or Inquire Now >

Monthly Fees

All our sites have a monthly fee to cover for hosting, maintenance, upgrades, monitoring, daily backup, unlimited support and unlimited help.

Hosting & License Package Price Description
eCommerce Starter $30 / 2%
$60 / 1% 

Includes bare system, plus:

  • Point of Sale: order retrieval, club processing, customer management, card swiping
  • Club Management (300 members)
  • Secure Checkout
  • Order acknowledgement
  • 100 product pages & 10 product categories
  • Custom shipping on a per product or product category basis
  • Integration with shipping vendors (UPS, FedEx, USPS, Oregon Wine Services, Abbey)
  • Secure credit card vault storage
  • Optional Credit Card Swiper
  • Optional Receipt Printer
  • Optional Touch Screen App

Don't see something on this list? Call us anytime or send us an email to inquire.

eCommerce $99*


  • Limited event calendar - under 10 events per month
  • Photo Galleries
  • Secure store, secure checkout, order acknowledgement
  • Optional customer registration (mandatory or not) before checkout
  • Speed Checkout
  • Unlimited product pages & product categories
  • Custom shipping on a per product or product category basis
  • Integration with shipping vendors (UPS, FedEx, USPS, Oregon Wine Services, Abbey)
  • Secure order processing
  • Secure credit card vault storage
  • Desktop Application to retrieve orders securely.

Don't see something on this list? Call us anytime or send us an email to inquire.

Event Calendar $55*


  • Organize events in categories and regions
  • Supports basic, advanced and premium event placements
  • Dedicated event pages:
    • automatic maps with event address
    • photo slideshows
    • video support
    • contact information
    • website links
    • email addresses
    • date & time listings for all venues
  • Comprehensive event scheduling: all day, multiple date ranges, time ranges.
  • Advanced event search 
  • Automatic event RSS feeds
  • Automatic ICAL feed

Pricing scales with usage. Don't see something on this list? Call us anytime or send us an email to inquire.

Business Directory
(Yellow Pages)


  • Organize listings in categories and regions
  • Supports basic, advanced and premium listing placements
  • Dedicated listing pages:
    • automatic maps with listing address
    • photo slideshows
    • video support
    • contact information
    • website links
    • email addresses
  • advanced listing search 
  • automatic RSS feeds
  • monthly reports for all your listings:
    • number of listing page views
    • number of listing website link clicks

Pricing scales with usage. Don't see something on this list? Call us anytime or send us an email to inquire.

Custom Bundles * Bundles are always available to group multiple functionality together, and save you money.

*: prices are additional to the basic monthly fees. Discounts may apply, be sure to ask for discounts and special deals. 

Payment Scheduling

Plan Terms Description
Financing Call For Estimate

Financing plans are available and depend on credit history. We allow financing up to 50% of the project over a period not exceeding 5 months. This offer is subject to change without notice. Please call to inquire if you qualify.
Note: in most cases you must be an established business to benefit from financing plans. 

Note: above pricing terms are subject to change without notice. Make sure to call to inquire.

Upgrade Options / Additional Services

Option Price Description
Content Updates $100 / hour We can update your wesbite, post new photos and post new content.
Programming $100 / hour Programming includes template work; custom javascript, styling or HTML programming; integration to third party library, or any other programming activity.
Creative Work $150 / hour Creative work includes producing custom graphics, designing templates or production of any artwork.
Meetings $100 / hour All scheduled meetings, in-person or phone calls (except support calls), personalized trainings and consulting are billable time. Meetings off premises may be subject to travel fees.
Custom Programming Call For Estimate Some websites need custom programming to interface with existing vendor APIs, legacy software, third party archive systems, etc.
We provide affordable integrated solution in PHP, jQuery, and C#. Pricing is a case by case basis. Call for estimate.
Custom SEO

Call For Estimate 

We provide SEO (search engine optimization) brand research, keyword analysis and strategy implementation starting at $500:

  • Includes extensive keyword research for your business in your industry and your local region;
  • Includes a report of most effective keywords for your website, industry and services;
  • Includes auditing the presence of your website(s) on popular local and country wide directories, mapping services and other relevant web portals for your industry.
  • Includes structural audit of your website content to ensure maximum search engine visibility
  • Includes recommendations for keyword targeting in page title, descriptions and copy.
  • Includes implementation of nightly keyword tracking for monitoring the effectiveness of your SEO strategy on search engines results (Google, Bing and Yahoo). 
Does not include rewriting your content. We charge $200 / page for optimizing content and rewriting copy.